Thursday, July 14, 2011

One year anniversary

Today is Pigs Incorporated's first year anniversary! While it has been fun keeping up this daily webcomic, I feel the jokes are starting to get a bit repeptitive... almost like corporate work! :)
I won't be shutting down this blog, but do not expect daily updates from now on... However, it's in my short term plan to draw a longer pig-comic on my 4 years working for a management consulting company. Once chapters are partially finished, they will be posted here.
For those who used to read this comic to procrastinate from work, I'm deeply sorry. I'm sure there are other sources of procrastination, such as adjusting and re-adjusting the font size of your current working document.  One of my favorite websites is Work Fails & Job LOLs. Alternatively, try my own Pigs in Maputo, which will still be updated daily.

Here are more comics to celebrate this anniversary:

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